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Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital Continuing Education Seminar

Vancouver Island | Continuing Education Veterinary Seminar

BBVSH is very excited to announce that some of our specialists and staff will be traveling to Vancouver Island in the New Year! We are looking forward to meeting many referring veterinarians as we host our first Vancouver Island continuing education seminar on January 31st, 2016. Our Continuing Education Veterinary Seminar will cover: SURGICAL ONCOLOGY  with Dr. Sarah […]

Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital Client Testimonial

Sherman’s Repaired Pelvis

It’s been a year since Sherman was hit by a car and you repaired his pelvis. I just want you to know that Sherman has had a complete recovery and you can not tell he was ever injured.  He is back jumping fences and chasing bugs in the grass. Although he now has a healthy […]

Physiotherapy at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital

Physiotherapy patient Finn is off to Finland!

Finn, a 6 year old German Shepherd Dog and physiotherapy patient of BBVSH, competes in a sport called Schutzhund. Schutzhund is of German origin and the literal translation means “protection dog”. Schutzhund involves 3 different phases – tracking, obedience and protection. It was originally developed as a temperament and character test for German Shepherds to […]

Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital Client Testimonial

Thank you to Dr. Hutchinson

I would like to thank Dr. Hutchinson and all of the staff at BBVSH for the outstanding surgery that was performed on my best friend Tonka 3 years ago. Dr. Hutchinson and his team continue to treat Tonka who is now 13 years old and still going strong. I’m not sure Tonka would still be […]

Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital Client Testimonial

Lacey’s Total Hip Replacement Surgeries

Lacey appeared to be a perfect candidate for Total Hip Replacement Surgery.  She was middle-aged, healthy, and had a strong motivation to be active, but she was limited by pain in her hips and a limited range of motion.  She had difficulty with stairs and getting into our minivan.  Although Lacey wanted to go for […]

Forever Thankful to BBVSH

Boundary Bay is the most AMAZING clinic I have ever worked with! Dr Hutchinson and his staff are kind, caring and the most supportive staff I have had the pleasure of connecting with. I will be forever thankful for everything they have done for my toy poodle. During this very difficult time, they have remained […]

Sasha Is 1 Year Cancer Free

Sasha is 1 year Cancer free! I found the staff to be very compassionate and passionate about their work. Both Dr. Charney, Board-Certified Veterinary Oncologist, and her husband, Dr. Hutchinson, Board-Certified Veterinary Surgeon, were both very engaged in conversations with me, and the treatment of my beautiful little poodle girl. Sasha is just celebrating her […]

Surgical Repair On A Fractured Leg

My experience with Dr.Hutchinson and his staff has been exceptional.  When I left my eight week old Boston Terrier puppy with them for a surgical repair on a fractured leg, it was as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  When I arrived I was frightened and a little hopeless.  After my evaluation […]

Veterinary Oncology and Surgery Patient

‘My Samuel’

Those of you who have dogs and take them for walks on the dykes have likely met Sam, knew his ‘story’ and perhaps wondered…. Well, we had a little over 3 happy years together post cancer.  In the end, the cancer returned and although pain meds, etc kept him comfortable, his hips were ‘spent’, and […]

Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital Client Testimonial

Talu’s TTA Experience

We are SO pleased with Talu’s recovery from his combined TTA and patella luxation repair!  Dr. Hutchinson did a fantastic job and we would highly recommend BBVSH to all pet lovers! We adopted Talu, a 3 yr old Pitbull from LAPS, knowing he had issues with his right hind leg. After having him home for […]

Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital Client Testimonial

Floyd’s Christmas Miracle

Thank you so much for everything you all did for Floyd. He still faces a fairly long recovery but given the extent of his injuries it felt like our own personal CHRISTMAS MIRACLE happened when he came home a week ago today. A mere five and a half days after he came in on Sunday […]

Moby’s TTA Surgery Experience

When our daughter, son in-law & 2 Golden Retrievers arrived in the summer for a visit we thought it would be great with dogs for our Newfoundland, Moby (2 ½ years), to play with. Unfortunately the occasional limp that we thought he had on his left leg became a chronic issue. We visited our Veterinary […]

Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital Client Testimonial

Maddox’s Foot Surgery

Thank you to Dr. Hutchinson and the whole staff at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital for taking care of our Maddox. It’s great to have his foot back to normal so he can get back to doing the things he loves. A special thank you to all the staff for providing lots of love to […]

Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital TTA Client Testimonial

Jacob’s TTA Surgery

      A BIG thanks to Dr. Hutchinson and the caring staff at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital for helping Jacob through his recovery.  Jacob started to have problems with his knees since 1.5 years old.  It was very sad because he was such a cheerful, playful puppy.  Being reluctant to put him through […]

Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital TTA Client Testimonial

Charlie’s TTA Surgery Experience

I wanted to thank Dr. Hutchinson and his staff for the two TTA surgeries that have allowed my dog Charlie full use of his legs again. In January 2012, Charlie suffered a partial tear to his cruciate ligament which required TTA surgery in order to return full function in his leg. After several consultations, I […]

Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital Client Testimonial

Cookie’s Fracture Repair

     In the summer of 2011 my 3 year old toy poodle cookie broke her right front leg playing in our backyard and needed a fracture repair.  We quickly whisked her away to the closest emergency hospital.  We were told that the best shot at having her recover from this and save her leg would […]

Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital Client Testimonial

Keena’s Total Hip Replacement Surgery

     Keena was hit by a car, leaving her with a broken femur and dislocated hip. Initially, she underwent an unsuccessful surgery with a different vet and we felt we were left helpless with no other options. Thankfully, a friend recommended Dr. Hutchinson to us. Dr. Hutchinson called me at home that night and brought […]

Bruno Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

I first had the chance to meet Dr. Charney in early 2011 when my Boston Terrier (Bruno) was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Right from day one I have felt that my buddy was in the best possible hands and this gave him the best chance at recovery. Bruno has been having chemotherapy treatments with Dr. […]