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Radiology Rounds with Dr. Alexandra Bratton

BBVSH Radiology Rounds sessions are back!  We would like to thank the referring veterinarians who joined us for our first Radiology Rounds session of 2015 with BBVSH Board-Certified Veterinary Radiologist Dr. Alexandra Bratton! The purpose of these sessions is for veterinarians to bring in radiographs of their own difficult cases and view them through the eyes […]


Radiology FAQ

What is a board-certified veterinary radiologist? A board-certified veterinary radiologist is a veterinarian who diagnoses diseases by obtaining and interpreting medical images such as radiographs, ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRIs. In addition to completing undergraduate training and four years of veterinary school, a board-certified veterinary radiologist is similar to his/her human-medicine counterpart in that he/she […]