Miniature Dachshund Undergoes Spinal Surgery at BBVSH

Archie recovering after spinal surgery. When our dog, Archie, started showing signs of being lame in one of his rear legs I was horrified. He had been in pain for a couple of weeks and we’d been at our regular vet’s office a couple of times, but this new development quite honestly sent me reeling. I was terrified for our little friend, and I felt so helpless in my ability to change the course that we were clearly going down. Within 24 hours, our 9lb Miniature Dachshund went from a fully functioning body (albeit in pain) to being fully paralyzed from his ‘waist’ down. Our vet immediately sent us to Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital where we were quickly seen by Dr. Gordon.

I have to say that Dr. Gordon was simply amazing. His calm and confident manner quickly put me at ease and while I was still very scared for our little guy, I knew he was in good hands. Archie indeed did need Spinal Surgery to remove his ruptured disk and came through it with flying colors! Dr. Gordon phoned us personally after Archie’s spinal surgery and every morning that Archie was in the hospital – even on his day off, Dr. Gordon went in to check on our little guy and phoned us personally to update us! We also had a liaison who was amazing and she answered my many questions once we took Archie home.

Archie post surgery and recovery awaiting dinner with a friend. Archie was able to come home 2 days after the surgery and was even taking small steps in his kennel at that time – now, almost 3 months later, the only way someone would know he had spinal surgery would be from the scar on his back. He is walking, prancing, and running all over the place! He’s lov’n life and we’re so grateful to Dr. Gordon and the staff at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital – they have given freedom back to Archie and allowed him to live his life without a wheelchair.

I would highly recommend Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital and Dr. Gordon for the expert and compassionate care that Archie received when he was in need.

Staecy Lowe
Surrey, British Columbia


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