Moby’s TTA Surgery Experience

Moby has TTA Surgery at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty HospitalWhen our daughter, son in-law & 2 Golden Retrievers arrived in the summer for a visit we thought it would be great with dogs for our Newfoundland, Moby (2 ½ years), to play with. Unfortunately the occasional limp that we thought he had on his left leg became a chronic issue. We visited our Veterinary Clinic for X-rays and consultation. Diagnosis: severe ACL problems. Our vet recommended we seek out ‘specialists’ due to the size of Moby (150 lbs.). Two clinics were listed including Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital.  We visited the web sites of both clinics, how do you decide?  We made the right decision with Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital! From the moment of our consultation we felt comfortable. Dr. Hutchinson & Tara spent the time to review the x-rays, watch Moby walk around the parking lot and then explained in detail the issues, options and recommendations for a partially torn ACL. This was done in a non-pressured relaxed manner not a ‘degreed’ specialist telling you what you should do.

Dr. Hutchinson had an opening in his schedule so we booked Moby in for that day. We received a call later that afternoon from Dr. Hutchinson advising us on how the TTA surgery went along with his findings. Thankfully his cruciate was OK. Picking Moby up the next day we met at length with Tara and received medication instructions, exercise limitations and recovery plan (written). At 6 weeks post-surgery Moby had x-rays taken, and they showed great results. Again Dr. Hutchinson, Tara & other staff spent the time discussing Moby’s progress and his next recovery steps & exercise plan.  Dr. Hutchinson & staff genuinely care about you and your pet’s (dog / cat’s) welfare.

As for Moby, he is doing great. We do not know how long he had suffered with a partially torn ACL but now we have noticed an increased confidence walking on different surfaces and an increased energy level. He is still limited on some activities due to exercise restrictions but those will pass soon.

A big thank you to Dr. Hutchinson & staff for the care and concern Moby received.

Rob, Cassie & Moby (of course!)
Surrey, British Columbia


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