Oncology Patient ‘Lucy the Wonder Dog’

'Lucy the Wonder Dog walking the beach in Oregan.     The Oncology Team at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital

To Dr. Charney, Chrissy, Shacara, Ashley and all the staff at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital,

Thank you for all of your care and support in treating our dog Lucy over the past three years.  When we first came to you in October of 2010, we were in shock and disbelief at her cancer diagnosis.  You provided us with all the information we needed in order to make a decision and to move forward with her treatment.  You have always been available to answer our questions and to provide your honest opinion on what would be the best course of action for Lucy.  Because she did so well throughout her treatments, we don’t recall ever having felt that same shock and disbelief again until it was time to say good-bye to her at the end of November 2013.  She didn’t show any signs of struggle until the month before she passed.  In looking back, Lucy far exceeded our expectations for a dog dealing with lymphoma and mast cell tumors.  Thank you for giving us another three plus years with Lucy where she was able to live her life, have fun, chase squirrels and have run-ins with skunks … you know, the usual dog shenanigans.  She had no limitations.  We were able to take her on long walks and we even took her camping in September of 2013.  We feel that Lucy was truly blessed by having the best care available and, as a result, she almost made her full life span.

Thank you also for making a donation on Lucy’s behalf to the ACVIM Foundation in order to help further the treatment and longevity of other animals.  And thank you Shacara for her nickname “Lucy the Wonder Dog” since she really was a wonder dog.  I hope that Lucy’s story serves as a source of inspiration and hope to other pet owners.

Jeff & Louise Schell
North Vancouver, British Columbia


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