Rottweiler with Ataxia visits Neurologist

I visited Dr. Peter Gordon because my family and doggie daycare owner were worried about my clumsiness and wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong. Dr. Gordon determined that while I did have ataxia (lack of muscle control the cause of which is unknown) he did not feel it necessary to pursue further action at this this time because my quality of life was not being effected.

What you need to know is that I am an 90lb male Rottweiler so most people do not want to come near me but Dr. Gordon treated me like a dachshund. Dr. Gordon is very, very smart but talked with my owner about my condition as if they were discussing paint colors. If my experience with Dr. Gordon is an example of the care provided we would not hesitate to recommend the hospital.

Samson K
Surrey, British Columbia


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