‘My Samuel’

Veterinary Oncology and Surgery Patient

Those of you who have dogs and take them for walks on the dykes have likely met Sam, knew his ‘story’ and perhaps wondered….

Well, we had a little over 3 happy years together post cancer.  In the end, the cancer returned and although pain meds, etc kept him comfortable, his hips were ‘spent’, and life was getting progressively ‘harder’.

After much prayer & ‘struggling’ I made the heartbreaking decision on January 10th to send my faithful, gentle and loving Samuel on to heaven to be with my Dad.

I want to Thank all of the BCV who helped to give us more years.  Dr. Mauldin from the WVSE CCA, Calgary, & Dr.’s Charney  & Hutchinson from BBVSH, Langley.  All the staff at these amazing hospitals were absolutely fantastic.   Beyond professional and sincerely compassionate.

However, most of all, I want to sincerely thank Sam’s Veterinarian Dr. Loff – here in Maple Ridge, his AHT Sherry, and the staff at East Ridge Veterinary Hospital for making this heartbreaking burden of love, so beautifully peaceful.  Yes, it truly was.

Your professionalism, compassion and care, to say the least, warmed my heart!

Thank you that you took us at the end of the day…
Thank you that you made sure all clients were gone…
Thank you that you took your time and spoke so softly and gently…
Thank you that you all cried with us – Linda Morgan, Sam’s Auntie & Dog Sitter.

Most Sincerely,

Nancy Bender
Maple Ridge, British Columbia

*Courtesy of Nancy Bender and The Maple Ridge Newspaper, January 31, 2014


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