On-Site CT Scanner Now Available at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital

On-site CT Scan

Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital recently received an extra special delivery!  We are very pleased to now be offering on-site CT Scan procedures for our patients as part of our Advanced Imaging Services.

Computed Tomography is commonly referred to as a CT scan. This technology is very useful when looking at parts of the body such as the brain, spine, lungs and thorax, nasal passage and sinuses, ears, abdomen and some orthopedic structures. CT scans are non-invasive and are not painful. The table on which the animal is lying is slowly advanced into the part of the machine that performs the scan (called the gantry). An x-ray tube rotates 360° around the patient to record the x-rays from many angles, creating slices. The number of images taken depends on the area and size of the suspected problem. When the computer finishes processing the information, the slices are stacked together to create a three dimensional image of your pet without superimposition of organs or other tissues.



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