A very special thank you to Dr. Gordon and our staff

It was wonderful to receive this note of thanks from Remy’s family. All the staff here are pleased to hear that his sweet good nature is returning.

Here is Remy’s story as told by his family.

We were at a function in 100 Mile House with our sweet Chihuahua Remy. At the function Remy was attacked by a large Cane Corso. The attack consisted of a bite to his head leaving Remy bleeding on the ground and in my arms. We did not know if we were saying good-bye to our family member. We had raced him to a vet in 100 Mile House who instantly took him in, gave him a dose of an antibiotic to try to prevent any infection and told us our only hope for survival was to take Remy back home to Langley and to Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital / Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley. We wrapped Remy up in a blanket and continued the 418 km to the Hospital.

The drive was very stressful but we made it. We ran into the office at about 8:30 pm and were greeted by the staff who instantly took Remy into the back where he could get the care he needed. Everyone at the office was considerate and caring. We were not in the best emotional state but felt as if everyone was patient with us. The staff provided us updates every time we called and allowed us to come visit him and cuddle him while he was at the hospital. He was monitored and kept comfortable at the hospital until the Neurologist Dr. Gordon was able to see him.

The wait was stressful and emotional; we just wanted our baby home. We were clutching our phones waiting for the phone call. Then the phone rang… it was the hospital. Dr. Gordon was very friendly, caring and informative. He let us know everything he knew and never made us feel uneasy. We wouldn’t know the full extent of Remy’s injuries with out a CT-Scan. We agreed to the scan and right after the scan while Remy was still sedated Dr. Gordon called us and informed us of his findings. He found that the tooth of the Cane Corso fractured Remy’s skull pushing fragments into his brain. Dr. Gordon told us that the best thing to do for Remy’s recovery was to preform surgery to remove the fragments from his brain and clean any tissue and hair to prevent any infection. Our love for our fur child has no end. We agreed to surgery and waited anxiously for the next 3.5 hours for Dr. Gordon to call us with how the surgery went.

remy-jays-post-surgery remy-first-day-of-school remy-post-surgery
Dr. Gordon called us right after surgery and gave us the great news that Remy made it through surgery. If the fracture to his skull was just a couple millimeters to the left Remy would not have made it. We are now on the uphill mend and Remy could walk, breath on his own, and eat and drink.

Remington, who is known as Remy is the sweetest, most loving 5 lbs Chihuahua. He was born on April 24th, 2015. Remy is the dog that has to stop to say hi to every person (adult and child) and dog along his way. He greets you with his wiggle butt and happy kisses. We didn’t know if any of his amazing personality would still be in tact. We brought Remy home 2 days after surgery and started to watch him come back to us.

Today, just 2 weeks since surgery; Remy had his stitches removed and we can actually see our baby’s personality. My gratitude towards the amazing group at Boundary Bay / Emergency Clinic has no limit. If it wasn’t for the team there I would not have my baby at home with me. I would recommend this hospital to anyone for any situation! Thank you for giving us the happy ending to this horrific ordeal!

remy 13083109_594206247414478_6783895114346511147_n remy-jays


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