A Special Thank You to Dr. Nielssen

Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital saved my dog’s life!! I am forever grateful to them for the excellent diagnostic services and the outstanding care they provided to my precious Sasha!! The have the best equipment and diagnostic services available anywhere! The staff were professional and compassionate and the Board-Certified Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr. Nielssen, was a 10+ in my books. My dog was dying when I brought him to her. He had been in another 24 hr emergency hospital in another city receiving what I thought was the best care possible. But, they were in fact killing him by over medicating him. And they kept saying he is old, you need to put him down!! He is really really old!!

I wanted to provide my precious devoted Certified Guide Animal who has spent his entire life serving humans (who are sick to recover), the best of care and the best chance at recovery. Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital provided that to us and saved Sasha!! Wow!! There are not enough words of praise and thanks in the English language to totally convey how very happy and grateful I am to them. They went above and beyond. I should be so lucky to receive the outstanding care that my Sasha did. He is on his way back to optimum health and he is 15 years old and he does not know how old he is and he does not know that all of the tests said he should not be here.

He still wants to play and love and eat and go for walks and help other people. He wants to be here and I want him here and thanks to Boundary Bay, he will be here for quite a while longer!! I am blessed and so is Sasha!! I will be forever grateful to the nurse at the hospital that told me about the Services provided by Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital. The best care and service ever!! And their prices were no more than the previous hospital who was not providing anywhere near the level of care or service to my Sasha. All they wanted to do was put him to sleep and they almost did. Dr. Nielssen even called me 3 times on her day off to ensure that Sasha was ok and receiving good follow-up care and then she had her oncology/internal medicine nurse call the day after that. I mean really, does any human get that kind of care now? I know I don’t!! THANK YOU DR. NIELSSEN, THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE STAFF AT BOUNDARY BAY VETERINARY SPECIALTY HOSPITAL!! MAY YOU ALL BE VERY BLESSED!!

Sasha’s Family


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