Talu’s TTA Experience

Talu resting at home after his TTA surgeryWe are SO pleased with Talu’s recovery from his combined TTA and patella luxation repair!  Dr. Hutchinson did a fantastic job and we would highly recommend BBVSH to all pet lovers! We adopted Talu, a 3 yr old Pitbull from LAPS, knowing he had issues with his right hind leg. After having him home for only 4 months, he became non weight bearing on that leg. After x-rays and consultations we decided to go ahead with surgery to give him his mobility back. We were really impressed by how much time Dr. Hutchinson took to explain the procedures to us. The follow up visits post surgery continued to show us how professional and helpful all the staff is at BBVSH. Talu still limped from time to time, but improved with every month post-op. After 6 months he was medication free and bounding around with wild abandon in true Pitbull style! In November 2013, one full year after surgery, Talu is happy, healthy and has no limitations to his exercise. He can enjoy life to the fullest, romping with other dogs and hiking with us, on a regular basis. We can’t thank Dr. Hutchinson enough for helping Talu!

Elaine & Greg Harris
Langley, British Columbia

Talu's TTA Experience Talu's TTA Experience Talu's TTA Experience


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