Three family cats became seriously ill

In this review I am speaking of both the Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley and the affiliated Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital as the staff of both work so closely together that they are essentially one. I will refer to them as the ‘Animal Hospital’ or ‘Hospital’.
In an eight month period we had three of our cats, who we love dearly, become serious ill. The first one had colon cancer and he required emergency surgery. The surgeon with specialty training worked into the evening hours and saved his life. The aftercare was amazing and involved chemotherapy from a doctor with specialty training in oncology.
The second developed severe pancreatitis and hyperglycemia. She required several days and nights of intensive care in the hospital before being discharged.
The third developed severe pancreatitis and cholangiohepatitis with complications that required emergency gallbladder surgery. As busy as the Animal Hospital was they made time to intervene and do what was needed for our sweet little cat. In this period of time I think we must have dealt with almost all the doctors and staff at the Hospital. 
I cannot say enough about how thorough and skilled the doctors are. They always provided us with a clear diagnosis, options, and risks of intervention. All of the support staff, including receptionists and technicians, were warm, caring, receptive, understanding, and very supportive. With all of our visits to the hospital we could see how there were plenty of staff at all hours of the day and night to monitor and provide the necessary treatments on a 24-7 basis. Regular updates of the condition of our cats were always provided. We could call anytime and we would get a warm reception and additional information. This kind of support continued upon discharge when we had to manage aftercare instructions. We are so grateful that the staff of the Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley and Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital are here in our community and are available for our pets when they need them for we have the confidence that they will receive the best care possible.

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