Sammy’s journey through chemotherapy treatments at Boundary Bay Veterinary specialty hospital

Sammy’s journey through chemotherapy treatments at Boundary Bay Veterinary specialty hospital

A pet being diagnosed with cancer can be difficult, at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital, double board certified Oncologist Dr. Sarah Charney is here to help.  Receiving words of thanks from a client with a special patient means the world to our staff.  Sammy has been being treated for lymphoma by Dr. Charney and her staff since April of 2015. Here is what her owners have to say:

“Dr. Charney and her team are extraordinary, and we are so grateful for all that Dr. Charney (and all the staff at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital) has done and continues to do for our sweet Sammy.”

Here is our story:

“We are so very grateful to Dr. Sarah Charney and her team who have provided Sammy with exceptional care over the past sixteen months, and who continue to help us navigate Sammy’s lymphoma journey. We were devastated and lost when Sammy was diagnosed in April 2015. Dr. Charney has been so compassionate, patient, honest and knowledgeable as we’ve navigated Chemotherapy, remission, coming out of remission, and more chemotherapy. Sammy continues to do so well under the care of Dr. Charney and her team and we also appreciate Dr. Charney’s willingness to talk with us and share her opinions about possible supplements and diet choices as we work to boost Sammy’s immune system. Sammy’s journey is certainly unconventional- she has a lot of allergies that have sometimes complicated things along the way, and Dr. Charney has been absolutely incredible.

Here are a few photos of Sammy- one is of Sammy in Tofino, at our favorite vacation spot- Dr Charney has been so great in structuring Sammy’s chemotherapy protocol so that Sammy can go and enjoy her Tofino vacations with us.”

Dog receives chemo at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty hospital

Sammy and her sister Molly on Vacation

Chemotherapy patient at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty hospital

Sammy during chemo treatments

Chemotherapy patient enjoying life

Sammy in Tofino On Her Favourite Beach

Patient in remission

Sammy on the day we found out she was in remission

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