Surgical Repair On A Fractured Leg

Surgical Repair On A Fractured Leg

My experience with Dr.Hutchinson and his staff has been exceptional.  When I left my eight week old Boston Terrier puppy with them for a surgical repair on a fractured leg, it was as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  When I arrived I was frightened and a little hopeless.  After my evaluation with the Dr. Hutchinson and the staff, I felt relieved and hopeful. Now Lexi is home and doing well.  She will, of course, need follow up care but her progress seems amazing.  The people at this clinic are a breed apart.  The words that come to mind are; exceptional, gifted, professional, and caring. I would recommend Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital to anyone in need of cutting edge Veterinary Medical Care.

Lexi & Family

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