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BBVSH Radiology Rounds sessions are back!  We would like to thank the referring veterinarians who joined us for our first Radiology Rounds session of 2015 with BBVSH Board-Certified Veterinary Radiologist Dr. Alexandra Bratton! The purpose of these sessions is for veterinarians to bring in radiographs of...

What is a board-certified veterinary radiologist? A board-certified veterinary radiologist is a veterinarian who diagnoses diseases by obtaining and interpreting medical images such as radiographs, ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRIs. In addition to completing undergraduate training and four years of veterinary school, a board-certified veterinary radiologist...


We are limiting access to our building as explained on our COVID-19 page. If you plan on visiting our hospital in Langley for emergencies or scheduled appointments, please read service details on our COVID-19 page.

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