Bruno Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

I first had the chance to meet Dr. Charney in early 2011 when my Boston Terrier (Bruno) was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Right from day one I have felt that my buddy was in the best possible hands and this gave him the best chance at recovery.

Bruno has been having chemotherapy treatments with Dr. Charney since then and was doing really quite well until a underlying problem arose with his prostate and an operation was needed to push his prostate back through his pelvic bone as to release some of the pressure on his urethra and colon track. This is when I had the chance to meet Dr. Hutchinson.

He performed the surgery on Bruno on very short notice as it was to the point that he was not able to urinate or defecate properly. The surgery was a success and Bruno is now much more comfortable doing his business! At all points of Bruno’s treatments and surgeries, both Dr. Charney and Dr. Hutchinson have kept me in the loop and have made the time to explain all my options and offer various alternatives to ensure Bruno’s best interest is being served.

I would like to thank them and all of their fantastic staff at Boundary Bay as they have really made going through this tough battle with my buddy not as difficult as it could have been. I would have no problems recommending them to anyone who wants the absolute best care possible for their pets.  

Thank you for all you have done for Bruno and for me!

Jamie Bailey
Surrey, British Columbia


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