Support for Referring Veterinarians


We built our specialty, emergency and critical care hospital to be a resource for veterinarians like you and we work together with our primary veterinarians to take care of clients and patients.

Effective teamwork depends on open, respectful, two-way communication. Our Veterinary Outreach Representative is here to create smooth communication between our hospital and yours, sharing information and resources to help you and your clients and patients have the best experience possible.

How our Veterinary Outreach Representative can help you:

  • Solve problems: Resolve any concerns, complaints or issues regarding a case you have referred to us.
  • Communicate: Create clarity about any of our services or processes (e.g., pricing information, current appointment availability, how to share records, how our referral process works, etc.) and keep you up-to-date on BBVSH’s services.
  • Listen & Advocate: Hear your feedback and advocate on your behalf within BBVSH.
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    My goal is to listen to questions and concerns from our vets and their staff, and provide them with the information they need to feel comfortable trusting BBVSH with their valued clients. I'm proud to represent a company that is committed to a spirit of partnership with our referring vet community, and always places the interests of the patient above all else.
    – Michelle Floris, Veterinary Outreach Representative

    Continuing Education (CE) Events

    Check out upcoming CE events or past recorded events.



    Request Information

    Veterinarians and veterinary staff in BC are invited to request an information package about our departments, services and/or specific treatments.


    Request a Visit or Conversation

    Our outreach rep can visit your practice or you can visit our hospital. You can also schedule a call with our outreach rep or arrange a conversation between your practice’s owner and one of BBVSH’s owners.

    Get the Heron Hot Sheet

    Useful, summarized updates about BBVSH for our community of referring veterinarians delivered every now and then to your inbox:


    Directions Postcards

    Request printed postcards with clear directions so that your clients can find us for specialty appointments or emergencies.

    Fridge Magnets

    Request fridge magnets to give to your clients so they have key contact info should their pet ever experience a life-threatening emergency.

    Window Clings

    Request window clings to place in your clinic window for after-hours directions to our 24/7/365 emergency department.


    Michelle has been with BBVSH for over ten years, working as a VA in surgery, radiology, oncology & emergency and helping with the company’s marketing & social media efforts. She was promoted to the the Veterinary Outreach Representative position in 2020. She is also BBVSH’s client aftercare coordinator, ensuring patient memorial items are in order and taking great care to respect clients’ wishes after their pets pass away - a job she delivers diligently and with compassion. What she loves most about her job – besides being able to bring her dogs to work - is feeling like a valued member of a team and being given opportunities to grow.

    Michelle has two dogs: Layla (a Staffordshire Bull Terrier) and Phoenix (a Dogo Argentino). A tabby cat named Kitty. Two little boys named Logan & Charlie. With what little spare time she has left is spent in the outdoors collecting gems and crystals and creating jewelry.

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