Our board-certified specialists offer services in emergency and critical care, surgery, internal medicine, cardiology, neurology, oncology, dentistry, diagnostic imaging, and animal rehabilitation.
In an emergency, moments matter…seconds count. Learn more about our specialization in life-threatening emergencies for dogs and cats.
When the situation is literally between life and death, you can rely on our critical care veterinary service.
Seeking specialized surgery performed by board-certified surgeons? We invite you to learn more about our veterinary surgery service.
Problems aren’t always on the surface. Consult with a veterinary internist in our veterinary internal medicine service.
Did you know 10% of dogs and 15% of cats have some form of cardiac disease? Learn more about our veterinary cardiology service.
From spinal surgery to brain tumour removal for dogs and cats, we strive to create hope in the most challenging situations. Learn more about our veterinary neurology service.
Cancer doesn’t have to be a scary word. Learn more about cancer treatments for dogs and cats through our veterinary oncology service.
Using advanced diagnostics, including dental radiology, laboratory and CT evaluations, our dental specialists can provide proper diagnosis of the oral health and deliver the best veterinary dental care possible.
We offer primary care vets and pet owners MRI, CT scanning, ultrasound and digital radiology for dogs and cats through our specialty services.
Designed to support post-surgery healing, treat non-surgical and chronic musculo-skeletal conditions, and improve performance in canine athletes.

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