Hydrotherapy for dogs now offered at BBVSH!

The doctors and staff at BBVSH are very excited to announce that our Animal Rehabilitation Services have expanded!

With the recent addition of our Water Treadmill, we are now able to offer on-site hydrotherapy sessions under the direct supervision of our Animal Rehabilitation Team.

During the recovery from surgery or traumatic injury, a full range of limb motion may not always be possible on land. The careful use of hydrotherapy after surgery or injury can be extremely beneficial for dogs and cats increasing their chance of a successful return to normal fitness.

Hydrotherapy acts by encouraging a full range of joint motion in reduced weight bearing conditions, thus improving muscle tone and promoting tissue repair. The buoyancy of water reduces stress on the joints and this creates a much safer environment for recovery after surgery/injury without imposing undue stress on damaged tissues.

Since the installation of the treadmill we have had a variety of patients experiencing the wonderful benefits of hydrotherapy. Patients that have had a cruciate ligament repair, spinal decompression surgery or even those that suffer from tendinitis have enjoyed not only the soothing effects of the warm water, but the ability to move without weight bearing heavily on hard ground.

Here are a few photographs of some of our lovely patients.

Gudong Li Treadmill (61) Gudong Li Treadmill (73) Gudong Li Treadmill (75) IMG_5588 Trooper Dockrill treadmill (25) IMG_5585 cropped IMG_5556 Trooper Dockrill treadmill (24) IMG_5535 IMG_5503 IMG_5494

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