Jacob’s TTA Surgery

Canine TTA Surgery     Canine TTA Surgery

A BIG thanks to Dr. Hutchinson and the caring staff at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital for helping Jacob through his recovery.  Jacob started to have problems with his knees since 1.5 years old.  It was very sad because he was such a cheerful, playful puppy.  Being reluctant to put him through surgery at first, we tried physiotherapy, conservative management, braces…..anything we could think of.  After months without improvement, we decided to give surgery a go.  Jacob had TTA Surgeries on his rear legs at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital in October 2012 and February 2013.  The process was straight forward and the recovery was quick.  Jacob’s life has improved tremendously after the surgeries.  He is now able to run, chase balls and play as he likes, enjoying life to its fullest.  Thanks again for all of your help.

The Lee Family
Vancouver, British Columbia


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