Join us in congratulating Simba – 14 months in remission!

Meet Simba!

Simba was referred to the Oncology department at BBVSH by his regular veterinarian at Coquitlam Animal hospital in December of 2019.

After performing the necessary tests, Simba was diagnosed with gastric lymphoma and began his chemotherapy treatments in January 2020 under the caring and experienced eyes of Dr. Sarah Charney, DVM, DACVIM (O), DACVR (RO).

The treatment (which concluded in the spring of 2020) included one oral Lomustine and a course of injection Doxorubicin, and was followed up with 2 endoscopies, 2 ultrasounds and 2 echocardiograms to conclude that Simba is indeed still cancer free!

Simba’s mom reports that he is doing amazing, and “loves going outside on a leash and is ready to enjoy the coming summer!” Congratulations Simba!!




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