Petapalooza 2016 in Victoria was a success!

Petapalooza at Ogden point in Victoria this past weekend was a huge success.  Our two staff members, Amanda, the Discharge Liaison, and Randi, the Neurology Technician, had a great time talking to pet owners on Vancouver Island.  Letting people know about the options they have available when their pet may face the need of a board certified veterinarian.  When your pet is sick or in need of specialized care, knowing what is available can really be a relief for pet owners.  Randi and Amanda did a great job talking to people and their pets!  Luckily, the animals who came to visit them were happy and healthy, check out our Facebook page to see all the photos that we took of the cute animals, big and small that stopped by to say hello.  Best of all, owners were able to enter their names for one of our two fabulous gift baskets.  We drew a cat basket on Saturday and a dog gift basket.  The prize winners were over the moon to receive specially picked treats, toys and fun things for their pets.  We would love to thank the organizers of Petapalooza 2016 for creating a fun and exciting show that we were able to take part in.  From a dock dog jumping competition to an adoption fashion show, there was lots to see and do.  Do you live on the mainland, and think you’d like to check out this fabulous event?  You’re in luck, as Petapalooza Vancouver is coming to Yaletown August 28th, 2016.  We hope to see you there!

Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty hospital at Petapalooza
Amanda and Guinness
Petapalooza Victoria 2016 Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital
Patient of Dr, Geoffrey Hutchinson
Guinness poses for the camera
Boundary Bay Vet specialty hospital dog
Beautiful pose
Dock diving Petapalooza 2016
Dock diving dog
Dock diving world record holder Petapalooza
The Dock diving Champion of Canada
Gift basket winner Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital
Our cat gift basket winner
Gift basket winner from Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital
Our Dog basket winner
Neurology Technician and puppy at Petapalooza
Randi and an adorable Sheltie puppy


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