Roxie Visits Dr. Charney at BBVSH

The day we found out that Roxie was diagnosed with the horrible illness of lymphoma was one of the worst days of our lives. We knew that this was a terminal illness and that her days were numbered but we vowed to give her the best care possible for the remaining days she would have. Our local vet said that Dr. Charney at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital was a great service and that we should take our beloved Rottweiler, Roxie there to receive the best care possible.

As most of us know, chemo in humans causes nausea, hair loss, severe lethargy and general sickness. In Roxie’s case none of these symptoms were present. Roxie had a very good last 16 months of life from her original diagnoses and very few times was she ever sick or not willing to go on her daily hikes/walks/swims and tear around the yard with her good companion Quadra.

She was under the care of the unbelievable staff excluding no one! Every encounter which was a few hours every week for 16 months always had a positive nature about it! From walking in the door and being greeted by a genuine happy-to-be-assisting-u type of individual to the staff members who give nothing but the most compassionate of care with the chemotherapy treatments, it was a very positive experience and the common ideology of true passion for animals was always on display.

The whole ordeal was very stressful dealing with a terminally ill loved one but was made easier to deal with due to the guidance and support of every member of the staff at Boundary Bay! Dr. Charney always sought out my advice and opinions of how the week had been and worked very closely ensuring there were no negative changes in Roxie’s health or demeanor as I had spent every minute of every day with her and I would be the person who would notice any changes that were obvious in her condition.

They were very thorough and this ensured our “one of a kind” Roxie had the best possible life in which she had remaining.

If and when I have to deal with this “fact of life” scenario again, I will not hesitate to request the services of the Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital as when any family member or loved one is sick we all seek to get the best providers possible to ensure first class treatment! I appreciate all the assistance Roxie and my family received along with the 16 month prolonged good quality of life enjoyed and no one could ever ask anything more for their dollar as well, couldn’t spend money in a better way!!!…Best money we ever spent in our lives!

Thank you to Dr. Charney, and everyone at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital!!

Trevor & Nadine


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