Staff Pet Undergoes Surgery for Rostral Maxillary Mass

Yorkshire Terrier with Rostral Maxillary Mass

Meet Angus! This adorable little guy is a 7 Year Old Yorkshire Terrier who loves to smile for his mom! His mom just happens to be one of our Surgery Liaisons here at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital.  Angus’ mom, Tara, noticed his smile wasn’t quite right and discovered that a small mass (Rostral Maxillary Mass) had started to grow in between his front teeth.  It even caused him to lose one tooth!

Yorkshire Terrier Mass Between Teeth   Rostral Maxillary Mass in DogFirst things first he had a small sample of the mass taken to send to the lab for diagnosis.  It came back benign (non cancerous) Phew!  By now, the mass was bothering Angus and he already lost a tooth, so one of our board-certified Surgeons, Dr. Crawford decided that removing some of the mass would be beneficial to him.

To get a clear picture, Angus had a CT of his nose and head to see how big the mass was. During his CT Scan, Angus also got to spend some time with our Radiologist, Dr. Bratton.  She took the CT images.  What is a CT Scan?  A CT Scan is images taken in thin slices by a specialized machine.  The computer takes those images and places them together like a puzzle to create a 3-D image so that the Radiologist can interpret.

Yorkshire Terrier CT Scan       Yorkie CT Scan       Rostral Maxillary Mass Yorkshire Terrier CT Scan       Dog CT Scan       CT Scan for Rostral Maxillary Mass

After Angus got the go ahead he had the mass removed.  Angus is now recovering beautifully after his procedure and his mom promises to send us an “after” photo.


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