Walk on the wild side: The Story of Gallagher The Bobcat

Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital helped out a special kitty on Sunday.

Meet Gallagher, nicknamed for the area that she was found, a young female bobcat who sadly suffered a comminuted femoral fracture, leaving her unable to walk.

Her injury required immediate specialized surgery if there was any hope of repairing the damage and returning her back to the wild. BC Wildlife Park Fawcett Family Wildlife Health Centre (BCWP) contacted Boundary Bay and our team did not hesitate to jump in and care for this adorable and unusual patient. The story was even picked up by CBC Kamloops and Dr. Denstedt was interviewed on the radio.

The dedicated team of Dr’s Crawford, Denstedt, DeLombaert and Hutchinson along with the highly skilled team of registered Vet Techs and Vet Assistants worked quickly to stabilize the fracture using a titanium plate.

Once recovered from her anesthesia Gallagher was returned to the dedicated team at BCWP where she will continue to get better. Although the fracture is stabilized Gallagher is not done with her visits to the vet. She will require follow-up x-rays to make sure she is healing properly and once the leg is considered healed she will need a second surgery to remove the plate.

Gallagher may have left our hospital but she has a permanent home in our hearts, we look forward to the updates!

The park is dedicated to helping injured wildlife like Gallagher but they do so with monies raised by visitors to the park and by donations.

If you would like to help out with Gallagher’s care, you can donate here.


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