Oncology Pearls of Wisdom

Targeted to Veterinary professionals and support staff, the approach to an oncology patient will be discussed. The lecture will cover the presentation of different cancers, diagnostic recommendations and techniques, treatment options, side effects of treatment options, and some prognostic information.
Recorded Date: December 5, 2023
Who: Veterinarians and veterinary technicians in British Columbia and beyond!
What: A free RACE-approved CE event (1 hour CE certificate)
Topic: Oncology Pearls of Wisdom
In this RACE-approved veterinary CE presentation, one of BBVSH’s double board-certified Oncologist, Dr. Sarah Charney, will give her Oncological “Pearls of Wisdom”
Learning Objectives:
  1. At the end of the lecture, the attendee should be able to describe the appropriate work-up for an oncology patient, the do’s and don’ts of diagnostic and treatment techniques, as well as treatment options and possible risks or side effects thereof.
Good Reasons to Watch:
  • Meet our veterinary outreach representative, Michelle Floris
  • Successfully answer a quiz to earn a 1 hour CE certificate from BBVSH

About the Presenter

Dr. Sarah Charney is a veterinary medical oncologist and radiation oncologist. She is a founding partner of Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital. Dr. Charney is passionately committed to providing cancer care for both her animal patients and their families. Dr. Charney believes that quality of life is paramount and works to ensure that her patients live as long as possible while still enjoying life.


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