The “Down” Dog: Overview of intervertebral disc disease

Neurologist Dr. Adam Drury discusses the mechanics of intervertebral disc disease in canines.
Recorded Date: December 14, 2021
Who: Veterinarians and veterinary technicians in British Columbia and beyond!
What: A free RACE-approved CE event (1 hour CE certificate)
Topic: The “Down” Dog: Overview of intervertebral disc disease
In this RACE-approved CE presentation, one of BBVSH’s neurologists Dr. Adam Drury will delve into the mechanics of intervertebral disc disease in canines, the effects on the patient, how to classify & manage and when to refer to ER or a specialist.
Learning Objectives:
  1. The structure, function and degeneration of the intervertebral disc’
  2. How intervertebral disc disease can affect the spinal cord and small animal patients clinically
  3. How to classify these patients and how they can progress and what prognosis to expect
  4. What is an emergency and when to refer.
  5. How to manage these patients conservatively and surgically as well as potential complications and the prognosis that could be given.
Good Reasons to Watch:
  • Meet our veterinary outreach representative, Michelle Floris
  • Successfully answer a quiz to earn a 1 hour CE certificate from BBVSH

About the Presenter

Dr. Adam Drury is one of the veterinary neurologists at our BC hospital. A dual citizen, Dr. Drury grew up mainly in Tennessee. A passion for sports took him around the world and ultimately to Colorado where he completed veterinary school. After two internships followed by a residency at Virginia Tech, Dr. Drury became board-certified as a neurologist in 2021. His graduate research during residency investigated endoscopic spinal surgery for intervertebral disc disease.

Since completing his residency, Dr. Drury has joined the Boundary Bay family to continue his service to animals. Dr. Drury’s interests include surgery and pain management for intervertebral disc disease, inflammatory central nervous system disease and neurosurgery for other brain or spinal cord conditions. He is excited to join this community and help pets and their families as well as assist other local veterinarians.

Dr. Drury moved to the area with his wife, two small children, two dogs and two cats. He enjoys hiking, wildlife photography, cooking and watching his children grow every day. Dr. Drury is passionate about the environment and preserving the natural beauty of British Columbia.


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