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Dr. Philip (PJ) Hamel


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My Commitment To You

To our referring partner veterinarians, my commitment is to help you and your clients make the best imaging modality choice and to oversee the quality control of all studies performed to assure that diagnostic yield and value are maximized for patients referred to Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital.

To pet owners, my commitment is to work with your pet’s healthcare team to offer advanced diagnostic imaging capabilities in order to reach a diagnosis in the safest, most efficient manner possible.

– Dr. Philip (PJ) Hamel
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Dr. PJ Hamel is the new full-time board-certified veterinary radiologist at Boundary Bay Specialty Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Hamel enjoys all diagnostic modalities and has a specific interest and specialty training in image-guided interventions.

Originally from coastal Massachusetts, Dr. Hamel attended veterinary school at Tufts University and stayed at Tufts for a rotating internship. Dr. Hamel then completed his residency in Diagnostic Imaging at the University of Florida. After completing his board-certification, Dr. Hamel was an assistant professor at the University of Illinois.

Dr. Hamel’s passion is to collaborate with other veterinarians to make the most of veterinary diagnostic imaging technologies (e.g. radiography; teleradiology; fluoroscopy; ultrasound; computed tomography – CT; magnetic resonance imaging – MRI; and interventional radiology). Dr. Hamel is also interested in teaching, comparative radiology research, and imaging applications in wildlife health assessment and conservation.

Beyond general diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology, Dr. Hamel is interested in teaching (particularly ultrasound), comparative radiology research, and imaging applications in wildlife health assessment/conservation. Dr. Hamel is ready to be of service to referring vets throughout BC (Vancouver, Victoria, Richmond, Burnaby, Kelowna, etc).

A recent west coast transplant, Dr. Hamel is excited to pursue his many outdoor passions in BC, including sailing, skiing, biking, and hiking.


  • University of Florida, Veterinary Hospitals, Gainesville, FL, USA – Residency, Diagnostic Imaging
  • Tufts University, Foster Hospital for Small Animals, North Grafton, MA, USA – Internship, Companion animal medicine and surgery
  • Tufts University, School of Veterinary Medicine, North Grafton, MA, USA – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Tufts University, School of Medicine, Boston, MA, USA – Master of Public Health
  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, USA – Bachelor of Science
Referral Services
  • General diagnostic imaging interpretation (outpatient ultrasounds, radiographs, CT, MRI)
  • Diagnostic ultrasound (abdominal, vascular, musculoskeletal, and non-cardiac thoracic studies)
  • Image-guided needle aspiration and biopsy (via ultrasound, CT, or fluoroscopy)
  • Ultrasound-guided injection (PRP; stem cells)
  • Ultrasound- and CT-guided drain placement
  • Intra-operative ultrasound support (with our surgeons)
  • Interventional Radiology (IR) / Interventional Endoscopy (IE) support (with our internist, cardiologist & surgeons)
  • Honors Society – Honos Civicus (Tufts)
  • ACVR Award (Tufts)
  • Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Radiology
  • Member, Veterinary Interventional Radiology and Endoscopy Society
  • Book chapter Hamel PE, Berry CR. Chapter 13: Overview of AFAST and TFAST. In: Berry CR, ed. Small Animal Ultrasonography. NAVC Media: 2018.
  • Recent peer reviewed articles Hamel PE, Stern AW, Grosso FV. Gastric perforation in a dog: postmortem computed tomography and forensic autopsy findings. Journal of Forensic Radiology and Imaging: 2020.
  • Oura TJ, Hamel PE, Jennings SH, Bain PJ, Jennings DE, Berg J. Radiographic differentiation of cranial mediastinal lymphomas from thymic epithelial tumors in dogs and cats. Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association: 2018.
  • Hamel PE, Berry CR. Sonography Assessment: Overview of AFAST and TFAST. Today’s Veterinary Practice, An Official Journal of the NAVC: 8-6, 61-70, 2018.
  • Davy, RB, Hamel PE, Su Y, Berry CR, Connor BJ. Evaluation of Two Training Methods for Teaching the Abdominal Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma Technique (A-FAST) to First- and Second-Year Veterinary Students. Journal of Veterinary Medical Education: 2018

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